Caring for People who Care for Others


Intuitive Energy Work

“I love coming to Joy.  Her ability to intuitively sense exactly what I need leaves me feeling well cared for.  The amazing balance of her vast knowledge and experience coupled with her gentle demeanor allows me to recommend her to my family, friends and clients.” ~Vicki D.

“I’ve been working with Joy for about four years now.  The first experience I had was reflexology.  While Joy was working on my feet, we began talking, and I informed her that I was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  This began a whole new learning experience for me.  Joy taught me that there are certain ways to control and reduce your ADHD.” 

 “Throughout the past four years, I’ve also done energy work with Joy.  In these sessions we’ve discussed how ADHD can be a gift because it makes us unique.  Also, once you’ve found your true calling in life, you don’t need medications because your passion allows you to focus.  Joy has also introduced me to certain angels, who I pray to when I need to focus or just need a little extra help.”

 “Overall, I’ve grown a lot from the work I’ve done with Joy.  She’s referred me to excellent books and people.  It’s always a blessing when I spend time with her.”   – Liz Barta

Front Line staff private reflexology session

“Joy does work wonders, in a 10 minute foot session, she got completely rid of shoulder pain that I was going to go to the doctor for! She asked me just by touching my feet if I had been having bad pain in my right shoulder and I told her yes, I was amazed cas I hadn’t told a soul about the pain I had…can we say amazing? Lol   You have a gift and it did wonders for me! 🙂 I haven’t felt pain in my shoulder since!” ~ Lauren Birsa, CNA, Angels Grace Hospice

Health Care Professional CE’s and Trainings

“Great for our profession. Useful tips to use in everyday life.” ~Tara Springer, LCSW Case Manager,  Edward Hospital

“Help calm patients and caregivers.  Great!” ~ Candi Wroblewski, RN Case Manager, Edward Hospital

“I will have some alternative ideas to calming patients without using medications.” ~Karen Barren RN Case Manager, Edward Hospital

“I am more aware of touch and the impact on care.” ~ Jan Sloan, LCSW Case Manager, Edward Hospital

“I will look at my patients differently.” ~Melissa Shaw, Case Manager, Edward Hospital

“Makes me more aware of the power of touch.” ~ Debbie Miller, C.N.A.

“I intend to start implementing these techniques subtly with my client to impact their lives in a positive way.” ~ Kelly Honn, RN

“I work with dementia patients in various stages of the disease.  I’m looking forward to applying these techniques on those with anxiety and/or anger. Thank you!”  ~ Nancie Barry, Program Director ESSE Adult Day Care

“This training helped me to understand and deal with difficult clients more effectively.” ~Terre Fulmer, Program Director ESSE Adult Day Care

“Complementary therapies is something that is incorporated more and more for patients.  I am interested personally and professionally.” ~Dawn Clark, RN

“I will utilitze today’s training to help my clients and family.” ~Hillary Francis, Activities Assistant

“I believe that this program will allow me to use general reflexology to help reduce anxiety, agitation, and pain naturally, while providing care.” ~Heather Landen, RN

“My wife will definitely benefit from these touch techniques due to her neuropathy as a result of auto-immune disease. I would recommend this program for those suffering or dealing with chronic pain or conditions.” ~L.S., BrightStar Healthcare

“I will try this with some of our clients.” ~Debroah Connor, RN

Assisted Living Front Line Staff Trainings

This training was very helpful in learning new ways to engage the residents while helping them heal and lessen their pain.  These techniques provide a very personal way to help each resident.  I feel there is so much to learn and would like more in depth training.  The laminated cards have been very helpful.” ~Gerelyn P., Life Enrichment

It makes me feel closer to the residents.  We talk more and they seem to trust me more.” ~Robin F., Caregiver

“Overall the reflexology training is very useful and helpful. Although I am new to these techniques they are very relaxing for the residents and it also helps to calm them as well.” ~Ashley H., Caregiver

“I used some of the techniques not only for the residents but also to myself.  It somewhat really help with resident care.” ~Carlos P., caregiver

“I have incorporated massage and aromatherapy on a daily basis during my shift at work.  I notice the residents respond well, calming anxious behaviors.  This was a very good training course and extremely useful.” ~Sandra C., Life Enrichment (previously was a caregiver)

Residents are more relaxed.” ~Tian, Caregiver

Individual Reflexology/Bio-Touch Treatments

“I am cautiously optimistic. This is the longest I’ve gone without a headache in a month (without using ibuprofen or some other med) after a session with Joy.  I have to tell you, I am SO encouraged here!!! Almost 24 hours w/o a headache is a Godsend!”  ~H.G.W

Thank you for the amazing work you did for me and my Abuelita!  Believe that during your visit with her she was the most alert.  What a tremendous gift you gave her and us!  Imagine your first foot massage at 85!  You are a very calm and peaceful person and you have a wonderful ability to calm anxiety with your reflexology!  May you continue your ministry of healing through touch!  God Bless,”  ~Jenny

“Thank you so much, Joy.  The family members were so thrilled to see their Mom responding in a positive way.  ‘Joy didn’t physically touch us but she touched in such an unexpected way through our Mom.’  They are very pleased you will be bringing your special gifts to their Mom twice a week.”
~From Angels Grace Hospice Nurse-
testimonial from family after using touch for their dying mother

“A reflexology treatment from Joy is like relaxing on a heavenly cloud, the whole world can pass by without a care in the world.”   ~Margo Gebraski

“Joy is extremely knowledgeable about reflexology.  Her sessions are always relaxing and you will like you are walking on a cloud for the rest of the day.  I teach Zumba and I definitely see the difference when I teach a class after a session with Joy.  It’s always such a treat!”  ~Connie Lightfoot-Taylor

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Bio Touch session. My hip felt much better afterwards. I have to say you offered as much relief as my mom’s massage and the chiropractor I saw today (maybe even more!) Keep up the your wonderful work. ~Jeanette Joy

“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing reflexology sessions from Joy. I had never done this before, so I did not know what to expect. I found it very relaxing and also very interesting! A few times when Joy pressed on certain spots on the foot, I could feel something in other parts of my body, like an electric charge. I really felt the “connection” between the feet and other parts of the body. Afterward, I felt relief in some of my problem areas, and I decided to do it again. The second session was also a good experience and I know I will schedule more!”  ~Judi N.

 “Thanks for letting me participate in giving a testimonial. Being a healthcare professional I am constantly on my feet daily. When visiting Joy it’s a time for rejuvenation and rest. My feet are massaged where swelling is reduced that I can walk barefooted on the floor and because I have developed a whopper bunion on my right foot it causes me pain along the arch with massage it relieves the burning,helps my throat and causes my sciatic nerve to calm down. Joy listens to my pains and applies pressure where most needed, my feet feel in tune and so does my well being with relaxing music to calm I’m in the right place in the hands of Joy, what a healing partner.”  ~Rebecca R.

 “If you are looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate practitioner, you will find this in Joy! Her open mind and heart go along with her Reflexology talent – a wonderful combination for one’s health, wellness, and self-awareness.”  ~Lynnette Becker-Pfau

 “Joy is a fabulous and innovative reflexologist!”  ~Anita Worden


“Having Joy at our studio to teach a group is always wonderful.  She has such a great way of teaching and making everyone feel so comfortable and confident.  Her passion for helping others exudes in everything she does.”
~Margo Gebraski, owner Yoga Rhythms Studio

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